Engaging the body to help the mind

The plan:

To transform unused spaces on the high street into fabulous pop up dance spaces.

To offer a positive, non invasive approach to mental and physical wellbeing.

To build partnerships with individuals with and those supporting adults with mental health concerns.

To offer a diverse programme of dance and cuppa and chat sessions and links to local resources.

To invite artists to create work in response to the project.

We are working with NHS, healthcare and community partners in Bodmin, including Restormel MIND and IntoBodmin, to develop Breathing Space for autumn 2019 and spring 2020.

“I believe it would be brilliant for people to access a menu of creative activities rooted in dance and movement and this would complement current wellbeing practice”.
— Dr Maureen Newman Chief Executive Mind Restormel Association for Mental Health.

Feedback from our pilot Breathing Space project 2019

From participants:

‘Learning from scratch how to be in touch with and move my body with confidence’

‘Felt free, liberated and energised – connected with my body and with other great people in the room.’


FEAST Cornwall:

The feedback from participants reveals their original reserve - even fear of the unknown - being replaced with such enjoyment, improved self-confidence, endorphins and the huge benefit of social inclusion.

Well done for delivering such a rich project.